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Located in the heart of Surabaya, Indonesia's second largest city, Visma Gallery is established with a mission to encourage and enlightening the art culture in Indonesia.

As an Arts and Design Gallery, Visma is committed not only to display fine arts but also creative designs from Indonesian designers. Wether it is a form of paintings, statues or art designs, all of these are from the same creative background. Therefore, after brainstorming about these historic background, we created the name “Visma” that is derived from the word “Vision”. Also a foundation for Visma Arts and Desain Gallery to become an iconic fine arts and design gallery in Indonesia. Our purpose is to provide a space for inspiring artists and designers to show their talents and their creative ideas to the art and design society. We hope to develop relationships that bond between artists and society which will evetually bring the city of Surabaya, not only know as an industrial city but also as a cultural and arts city.